Our growth has been centered around our customers. Equinox Communication's mission is important to us.  We want to deliver on it EVERY SINGLE TIME.  We love collaborating with our customers and being a trusted partner.   


Equinox Communications consults with industries to standardize best business practices for their IT needs.  We are proud to say we are constantly and collaboratively working on organizations as a whole to make sure the IT infrastructure is providing maximum industry benefit.  Some of our examples are below.



We have been servicing hotel chains for over a decade.  Multiple locations, customizable solutions, new buildouts...we have seen and done it all.  Our hotel owners know we simplify their IT management by working with their IT staff or department heads to seamlessly manage every hotel under their umbrella.  No matter the size or budget we have an all-in solution that won't be matched.



Our dental community ranges from single offices to multi-locations and mobile clinics all over the world.  We support the growing, shrinking, and temporary needs that come with developing an advantageous dental practice.  We know your mindshare is occupied by your patients.  We make sure your IT is efficient and effective throughout your business career.   



A single shingle office or an entire hospital network, we have run the gamut.  We understand the unique set up that can be involved with mobile clinics, buildouts, backup solutions, backup solutions for your backup solutions, temporary office spaces, etc.  You can never be without access to what you need to care for patients.  We work meticulously through the details so there is a constant level of comfort in knowing your IT will never stand in the way of you doing your job.  



This one industry is a part of the heart of our company.  The non-profits we support come from within our Equinox Family, from our customers, and organically to our door. If you are a non-profit or if you have one you support, let us help take care of your IT.  

The NEED vs. BUDGET conundrum has been fixed.  Up front costs on hardware, software development, multiple locations, etc. can be amortized and turned into monthly subscription costs.  No questions asked, no credit checks.  We know its important to your business so we take care of it for you.  This is one big way we put pavement to road in showing you we are a team player.