Powering the Future

An IT powerhouse and holding company for the ever growing family of subsidiaries in the Equinox Brand.  Family being the key word.  The mission and values E5 instills throughout its organizations provides a strong, safe, and loyal foundation of contributors and partners.  Blue Equinox And Equinox Communications are legacy companies under that umbrella.


Modernizing the Agent/Channel World

Our super charged Partner Programs attract the best and the brightest IT players.  Blue takes the "overwhelming" out of becoming a key player in the agent/channel world.  We have cultivated a partnership ecosystem where everyone and everything jives...The end result, our customers continue to get their mind blown.  Utilizing our resources and network makes it too easy for everyone to gain a win-win.  How can you talk yourself into saying no to that?


Helping every non-profit achieve more

Giving back is important.  If you have a non-profit you support we want to support them too.  If you are a non-profit, we are here to help.  Giving time and money are both valuable assets to any non-profit.  Equinox Five, with its firm infrastructure, can help non-profits earn money from a necessary IT expense. The mission is to help every non-profit save money AND add extra dollars to their cause.  Every non-profit customer Blue Equinox sells service to, from any/all providers, will receive a check from Equinox Five for 25% of the gross profit from the IT services provided for the ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE CONTRACT.  That means Equinox Five gives its profit portion directly back to the non-profit organization.  Our cause, your cause.....they all matter.  This is what we are here for.  Lets make a difference.