Managed Service Provider (MSP)

We fondly call our MSP's an MSSPX....Why? Because we are the most well rounded in dealing with every form of IT service a business utilizes. Our silos of service are the most expansive in the nation. Our MSSPX's are loyal, fastidious, and smart. You couldn't ask for more from the group that will manage your IT infrastructure on a proactive and subscription basis.



How many different ways can you get a phone call or make a phone call? How many different ways do you need to? We have done it about every way imaginable. We also understand it's the backbone to your business. We take pride in delivering this service and have an elite team of engineers assuring Point A always connects to Point B. To you, that means you don't have to worry about the quality of the service. Your voice will always be heard!


Data Circuits

The necessary evil. This is what makes your phone ring. When your phone service goes down...this is usually the part of your service that had a hiccup. Different ones have different amounts of hiccups (we can give you the stats). However, we know the secret handshake. We work in the good, the bad, and the ugly of data circuits every day. We get it done.


Data Connectivity

Think software and hardware. In guy terms it varies from a Timex watch to a Breitling. In girl terms, it is Steve Madden shoes to Christian Louboutin. Sooooo, they vary. We provide you with options and allow you to weigh the pros and cons. Every business has a different fit. Every solution is customized to your wants and needs. Our job is to provide the education needed for you to make an informed decision based off business practices similar to yours and yours specifically.



No secret sauce here. Or maybe you can say it's all a secret sauce! It is the protection of your data and records. The sum of your data and records is how you execute your business plan, keep a stable net worth, and, ultimately, wake up the next morning and carry on business as usual. Security is never a want. It is a need. We provide you with an elite line up of options for a customized protection plan against your strongest virtual threats.


Software Development

Ever wish you could track this, automate that, add this field in your existing software, or just dump it all and start over? You just cringed, but we've all been there. We have a team of software developers ready to make your life easier. Nothing is impossible. Software is what makes your business function. We offer you bespoke software solutions for every budget. Let us show you how.


Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

You probably just watched a commercial on it or used it in your house. It monitors EVERYTHING. It is a transparent, trackable dashboard view on the highs and lows in your company. The feedback provides you with clear pivots your business needs to make and the comfort in doing them quickly. That equates to better SOP's, higher ROI, better employee onboarding and longevity....the list goes on. You learn as it learns. It is the missing link to your long term business plan. One word, AMAZING.



Everyone else is already there. Should you be too? The answer is yes. Fact is, no business can operate with all its people locked under one roof, 24/7, chained to one piece of hardware and get anything done. Cloud solutions are how you implement the best software, auto-update software, store info in case of hardware failure, and have staff work from any location on any device and still have access to company data. No more post-it notes, no more feeling like your life is over when a piece of hardware breaks, no more excuses for low employee productivity. So simple and so affordable. Finally!